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And Yes, I am in my way to become the Piano Player I always dreamt about.

I don’t know exactly why it took from me more than ten years to make up my mind to do this. I will soon turn 28 y/o and I have just started my third year learning piano. I still remember my first piano lesson, my fingers were shaking, cold and struggling to find a place on the piano keyboards. My teacher told me that I couldn’t make any progress because at the age of 25, it is too late to think of becoming a piano player. It was so frustrating ! But not for me ! I didn’t believe him , simply bacause deep inside of me I always had the faith that I was born to play Piano and nothing could change this. The last time after I finished my piano practise, I went downstaris to say hello to my first teacher. He was there with a little girl teaching her how to play piano, and just next to him sat her father passionately watching her learning.My teacher represented me to the man saying : ” This is one of my students ”.He stopped for a while and then added like if he felt that his previous words were not enough : ” In fact, he is one of my best students and he could make progress very very fast ”.

Everyday & everywhere you may meet one of those who has no affair but telling you that it is impossible and too late to do things. Don’t argue! Draw a smile on your face, fill your life with faith, passion and patience, and keep going until you reach your goal.

Wish Ya All the Best :)


Lion Heart "I bet you're gonna have a really great year!"

This is so inspirational! Congratulations!

This is my favorite line from what you wrote: “Everyday & everywhere you may meet one of those who has no affair but telling you that it is impossible and too late to do things.”

Amen to that. ANYTHING & EVERYTHING is possible when we believe! Thanks for the reminder. When I was 25 I learned how to swim & ride a bike & within less than a year I completed an Olympic distance triathlon. Very little training. I just believed that I could. My training log was pathetic & I hadn’t done any open water swimming or I’d only been on a bike less than 10 times total. It was my first time on a road bike.

When I completed the race I had the best feeling of my life, I can tell you for sure that 99% of my passion & excitement is what took me across that finish line!!!

You are the best pianist. I appreciate you sharing your zest! Thank you!

Live the moment and Leave the rest..

I have Faith in Fate, and I am sure everything happens for a reason ! If we are to live what we are meant to live, why should I spend what remains of my life wondering : ” why do this happen to me?

Yesterday’s gone forever, and Tomorrow i am not sure I’ll be home when it nocks my doors, this is why I am not going to bother myself with them, simply because they don’t even exist !

Live the moment and Leave the rest..

I am happy my little words were such a color in your wonderful rainbow :) Wish you all the best !

Thank you :)

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