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Ah shoes. Yet another thing I hate shopping for. I have big feet. They’re long and they’re wide… not really made for pretty, girly, fashionable shoes!

Friday, my Diva besties and I had a another Diva Day. Once every 3 months or so, we all take a day off of work to dedicate to ourselves and each other. It was Shelley’s turn to organise our day (we all take turns), so because we are always in awe of her bargain hunting ways, she took us around to all the shops she frequents. Second hand shops, Salvos, St Vinnies… as well as a fabulous organic cafe for breakfast and our favourite haunt for lunch. She even had the “emergency esky” in the boot with a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbles and 3 glasses, a couple of cans of Pepsi Max, some ginger beer, water and chocolate all on ice!

Anyway – back to the shoes! She took us to a Diana Ferrari outlet… and I am IN LOVE! I ended up buying FOUR pairs of shoes! Amazing! I even bought some cute heels! So, I now have three pairs of court shoes – a tan coloured pair that are kind of mary-jane like and two shiny pairs, one dark blue and the other a dark red, and a pair of black sling back peep toe heels with a white/ cream trim… I’m feeling good!!


I need to get shoes

and I find shoe shopping sooo boring. This is inspiring me to make a list of what I need to make it easier to put together outfits and then just go do it!

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