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Complete "The Artist's Way"
Something I've always wanted..

I’ve skipped and jumped through the book a few times, but haven’t truly sat down to read it cover to cover and to follow it through and through. I feel like it’s time. I’ve been in a sort of creative block, only doing artwork for others and when I’m paid, and that has to end.

What I truly want is to be paid to do the art that I (ME ME ME) want to do!! the art that makes my heart soar, not yours! I think the more I create my art, the more I can sell and be commissioned to make “MY” art.

I think Im going to start this journey this weekend.. we’ll see where it leads and I’ll update this entry as I go along! <3


2 days in and Im feeling good about it! :) Started my journal and am going to work on one of the tasks tonight at Art night! Having a goal really does give you inspiration and motivation, it just makes me want to set more of them! :)


3 weeks in and I love it! All my creative blocks have come down, and I’ve been producing art like crazy!! I haven’t kept up with the morning pages like I should be, but Im just trying not to guilt myself over it, push on through, and complete all the tasks and projects!

Here is some of the work ive done lately:


Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Oh my goodness!

I was just checking out this goal and saw your work. Beautiful!

very good

I’m glad the artist’s way brought out your creativity :-)

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