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Be A Great Parent

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be a great parent (read all 5 entries…)
Idea List

Fundamental: Never lose temper with kids! Be emotionally mature yourself so they can learn it from you!

Basic Priorities:

1. Play with kids. If you keep postponing one day they will stop asking.

2. Teach them Chinese. Must start now!

3. Establish good cleaning and sleeping habits. Especially for DD.

4. Establish good eating habits. Eat lots of veggies and fruits every day. 3+2! STAY AWAY from junk foods.

5. Establish reading habit! Read a lot of books with both kids!

More options:

1. Explore nature and outdoor activities.
2. Rigorous physical education.
3. Art crafts/Origami with mm. Need to do a lot of handy works in general.
4. Housework responsibility: Learn to cook and clean up the house.
5. Community volunteer works and student govt. Debate team!!!
6. Learn how to open a Business: entrepreneur club. and Learn how to handle Personal Finance: investor club.
7. Learn computer programming and typing.
8. Listen to lots of music including classical music.
9.Travel! Expose to different cultures and arts.



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