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carambolita A little piece of luck

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Hiking has been somewhat difficult of late, even with my orthotics, but getting back into swimming has been fantastic. My entire body feels more relaxed and energised afterwards. Has it really only been a year since I learnt how to swim?

The best part is that, on most days, swimming is actually pain-free. I can keep going for hours with only brief breaks between laps, and it also tends to be quite soothing (except when kids decide to jump into the pool and miss my head by mere inches, ahem). It is such a pleasant change compared to most other physical activities.

I have been trying to work up to doing easy but regular exercise, mainly in the form of biking and walking on days when I finish work too late to make it to the pool. My feet and knees are still very temperamental, and I still do get the random bursts of inflammation, but they seem to be growing a little less frequent? If I can get through a fortnight without any major relapse, I might see if I can handle some social dancing for an hour or so – perhaps swing, because it has such vibrant, irrepressible energy to it and the crowds tend to be friendly too.

The fact is that I do need to get into a physical and mental state where I exercise regularly – physical, in that I need to work around all the body parts I should not damage further; and mental, in that I need to actually find the motivation to persevere, particularly after hard days at work. Exercise, sleep and posture are my main health hurdles at the moment, and in a way, exercise is the easiest to tackle.

My mini-goals leading up to December 2012 (which was when I was originally going to climb Kilimanjaro, though I may now be pushing for 2013 instead):

  • Dec / Jan – manage an easy 10km hike without pain
  • Feb / Mar – swim instead of hike in the summer heat, build endurance
  • Apr (Himalayas trip) – go on varying hikes over consecutive days in altitude
  • May / Jun – go on a moderate one-day hike of at least 20km
  • Jul / Aug – go on an easy overnight hike
  • Sep / Oct – go on a moderate overnight hike
  • Nov / Dec – go on a moderate multi-day hike

That is the optimistic outlook, anyway. The sudden breakdowns in parts of my body are hard to predict at the moment, but B is confident that I am recovering quicker rather than slower with every setback, so I will see if he is right about that. Even if I leave Kilimanjaro until 2013, there are plenty of hikes I want to do in 2012 that are closer to home.

If my parent stays in Australia for Christmas next year, I will probably suggest a roadtrip in Tasmania, which is beautifully cool and has spectacular hikes of varying difficulty levels. If they go to Hong Kong, I will not be joining them there, but B and I might still actually go to Tasmania if I feel physically capable of doing the Overland Track. If not, then the Tasman Coastal Trail and the Freycinet Peninsula Circuit have also been on our hit list since 2008, and they should be doable. From there, we might head to Adelaide for some diving, because there are some fantastic dive sites off our southern coast – including some renowned caves / caverns and also shark-cage diving at certain times of the year.

In the meantime, however, I should probably leave my keyboard and find my bike. ;)


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