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meilian the lovers the dreamers and me

find a form of exercise i love and practice regularly (read all 17 entries…)
muy thai!

a buddy of ours here in la has recently started teaching me…thai kickboxing! (a.k.a. muy thai) So far I love it – it’s rigorous, and a bit complex, and it makes me sore, which is a good thing!

I also discovered that jumping rope for 5 minutes is tiring...


Josh ...and life just rolls on like a river.

I've done...

...some Muy Thai before. It’s great exercise and, for the most part, very practical when it comes to self defense. Have fun with this! :)

meilian the lovers the dreamers and me

thanks – yeah, i kinda wonder what you would think about the self defense applications, being a taekwondo practitioner yourself…i know that different schools of martial arts can be very particular about their own style! ;)

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