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Alisa BunnyBua I will "Live Happily even I'm Single"!

Live Happily even I'm Single
I will "Live Happily even I'm Single"

Many people (included me) used to think that only “having boyfriend/girlfriend” or “getting married” can bring them life-long happiness and I used to wait…. for a long time and loved then broke up and many times like this. I saw many couples divorced, some of them doesn’t divorce but live like they have no soul anymore. I saw many couples broke up, many people fell…

Then, I started thinking “why won’t I live happily by myself?” If I don’t have my soulmate, or don’t have anyone that I love and he loves me back, then it doesn’t mean that I cannot be happy… There’re many ways and many things to think of, many things to do that can make me feel happy without having a boyfriend!

Girls or Guys, if you don’t find real love or love that you can be happy with, let’s be happy with yourself, and that will be your life-long happiness!


I agree with you. Personally, I live to be happy with myself. And I don’t want to rely on other people for my own happiness. But maybe I just enjoy being lonely. Or I might be afraid to depend on others…

Either way, most of our lives are lived with ourselves. So it’s good when we enjoy this. Be happy! :)

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