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get a puppy (read all 3 entries…)
A Kitten

I switched this goal to a kitten instead of puppy. We decided a cat would be easier to deal with right now & in our small apartment.


Dreamdancer12 It's time to plan our wedding!


That’s so cool that you’re looking at bringing a shelter animal into a beautiful home over flowing with love. Just remember that kittens become Cats, and cats live a long time! Think of it as a 15 year commitment. Are you going to want a cat ten years from now?

On the plus side, cats weather changes in some ways better than dogs do. I always feel so sorry for dogs who were the center of a couples universe and got tons of love and attention, and then the couple has a human baby, and suddenly see the dog as just a demanding nuisance…..

One of the primary reasons I haven’t gotten myself a dog yet. sigh

catherine's daughter Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you ......

My son found a kitten only 2 days old

and he felt he had no choice but to take him home. He bottle fed Ziggy and now at 6 weeks he is starting to eat moistened dry kitty food and is doing well. Ziggy has brought my son so much joy; he had two of his other cats die this year unexpectedly one had a tumor and another had fluid build up in her chest cavity. It was so sad.


We happened to stop by an animal shelter today & looked at a 6 month old cat, instead of a baby. My husband really likes it, I’m still debating. Cats are very loving & make people happier I think :)

catherine's daughter Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you ......

I happen to think boy

kitties are the best but don’t let that stop you if this one is a girl. 6 months is still young and you can tell their personality too. I do love my cats!

(This comment was deleted.)

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