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Trying to come up with a cover letter

I was able to come up with a résumé that I think is pretty good, but I still need to write a cover letter. Once I have both of them complete I will send them to the advisors at the company I did my TEFL certification with. Then they will review them and help me make any revisions that might be helpful to get me a job. This cover letter has me stumped though, at the moment. I will have to come up with something.



The infamous Cover Letter...

Hate those things… being succinct was never my strong suit. I think if someone asked me my birth date, I probably turn it into a 20 minute monologue :))

A fellow teacher posted this sample cover letter ..Umm maybe it could give you some ideas:


I am writing to request consideration for a teaching position at XXXXXXXXX. I have three years experience in teaching, with most of my experience at the Pre-Kindergarten level.

As a graduate of McGill University in the Kindergarten and Elementary Program, I look forward to putting my training in the core areas of the Québec Education Program to excellent use.

During the last three years, I have had the opportunity to further develop the skills learned in my education training. As a Tutor in the Classroom, I learned about various literacy instruction techniques and assessment tools, including the Sound Skills program for phonemic awareness and PM Benchmarks to assess students’ reading. I put all of these skills to use while teaching with the International Pre-Kindergarten program as the English Specialist. During my long term occasional positions teaching both Grade 2 and Junior Kindergarten, I was also able to implement what I had learned. I have participated in professional development offered by the XXSchool Board the area of literacy instruction in primary classrooms.

My recent experience teaching both Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten, as well as the strategies I acquired through Reading Part 1, have helped me further develop my skills in early literacy, focusing on the importance of phonemic awareness as the foundation for reading and writing. I understand the importance of integrating literacy practices into content areas, and look forward to applying my knowledge. My extensive experience with Kindergarten and Cycle One students has allowed me to focus on the importance of early identification of at-risk students in the area of literacy.

During my third field experience, I assisted in the process of differentiating the curriculum for a group of Grade 3 students with a wide range of physical disabilities and learning difficulties. This placement, combined with the skills I’ve gained through Special Education Part 1 and my long term occasional positions, will be very beneficial when planning learning opportunities that meet the needs of all the students in this board. I have also had experience creating Individual Education Plans for students with a variety of physical disabilities and learning exceptionalities.

Throughout my various long term occasional teaching experiences and my year with the International Pre-Kindergarten Program, I have further developed my classroom management skills. I understand the importance of maintaining routines and keeping in constant communication with the students and parents to ensure a positive relationship. My strong organizational skills will allow me to focus primarily on delivering the curriculum in an engaging way.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you to further discuss my experiences. I can be reached at XXX-XXX-XXXX.


Thanks for the example

Thank you so much for sharing this! You are awesome. :)

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