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:'( Tangled didn't work neither did

Sleeping Beauty. I guess the library’s dvds are old or broken. I hope i can find a better copy or for some of the older movies i’ll take out the video


Collectorofcats If you try being original, you can bet on being copied.

Sorry to hear that

I think I have better luck finding videos or DVDs are yard sales or even thrift/pawn shops. Some pawn shops will even allow you to try DVDs or videos out on their players before you purchase them to make sure they work. Libraries are still a good way to get movies without having rental fees.

definitely I take out lots from libraries

I’m sure there some pawnshops near me. I have no idea where though. Hopefully the library will have some other copies that work. The good thing about libraries is you can find old books and movies that you might not find anywhere else depending the age.


I want to:
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