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x_melanie_x it'll soon be Christmas x x x

go ice skating (read all 7 entries…)

I finally went after all these years of wanting to go. I went out for my friends sons 13th birthday as he’d decided that’s what he wanted to do.
I was nervous as I have a fear of ice, although not as big as it once was, and was scared I was going to fall and hurt myself and with a 5.25 mile race planned for 2 days later falling was an option.

Stepping onto the ice, it felt slippy and I held onto the side like my life depending on it. At first I couldn’t move and had people, maybe as scared as me, rushing to get round me to get back onto holding onto the side.
Eventually I started to make my way round holding on and waiting for people to move out of the way. Eventually I left go but every time I pushed off with my right foot it pulled me back into the side and stopped me because the blade was just sliding on the ice and not gripping. .. I went round a few times like this and it was easy and harder at the same time especially with the right blade having no edge on it. In the end I got sick of it and went and changed my skates.
On changing the skates I improved 100% with my skating and even though the blades weren’t much sharper they made a big difference and I was going around nowhere near the edge although I kept closer to it just in case and needed it a couple of times as the place was full of idiots breaking rules and being very dangerous!

I went round a few times before someone fell and hurt themselves and everyone got moved and basically weren’t allowed to move.
We weren’t able to skate after that so that was the end of it.

I’d do it again without a shadow of a doubt but not on a Friday night when it’s full of idiots breaking rules and doing what the hell they like!

Wish I’d done it years ago!



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