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Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

Go to mongolia
preferably by land

how long would it take me by train from Berlin to Ulan Bator, i wonder? it takes at least 12 hours (if not much more) by air via Moscow. i have no idea why i want to go to Mongolia. i think it’s from watching films about people who live in yurts and drink buttery tea. (ha, it’s the butter connection!) also i would quite like a herd of camels. and some of these.


You should

check out seat61.com, I bet he has a route for it by train!

Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers


thanks for that! will check that out next time i’m procrastinating wildly!

runwim boxlessness


133 hrs and something. Check the website of German railways!

runwim boxlessness

by air it’s only about 10 hrs apparently, with a stop in Moscow…

Zanna Campanula of the revolutionary trousers

133 hours

had to get my calculator out there to convert to days … goodness, that’s a long time.

It's not really a long time

when you consider the reward waiting for you there: butter! And then you can bring some home and sell it to Norway, you’ll be rich!

I’m not sure I’d like butter in my tea though, even though butter of course should be added to just about everything. But I’m quite conservative when it comes to tea, I prefer just garlic.


I laughed out loud (with delight, mind you!) when I saw this goal of yours.

I have always (well, always being relative) wanted to go to Mongolia. And like you, I have no idea why.

More than that, I want to own a yurt, and would not mind living in one. It is already one of my 43T goals. I am on a “used yurt” list and regularly check them out. Gosh, I could have had one for free from my brother even, had the timing been right.

I won’t go on about any of it any more than that, but I wish you luck in your Mongolian travel endeavors! I suspect you will get there before I do.



But I also have a strange obsession with Mongolia. I know there’s nothing there but I really want to go. You could take the train from Moscow (the famous oe that goes to China – what is it called?!)
An interesting fact – my daughter looked like a Mongolian baby when she was born!

(This comment was deleted.)

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