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gengu don't just do something, sit there!

write a book
I am halfway through...

Thanks to NaNoWriMo. I still cannot believe that I am actually doing this… It feels amaaaaazing… I don’t even care if I publish it or not, I just like the fact that I finally started writing down the thoughts that were inside my head for so long… I am gathering the fragments and putting them together. And together with this book, I am appearing, too.


Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Ran out of cheers...

But wanted to say well done! I did Nanowrimo 2 and it helped for sure! C u at the other end! ;-)

gengu don't just do something, sit there!

Here's one :)

...and thanks! See you. :)

Also out of cheers

Well done you! All the best in finishing your book :)

gengu has gotten 20 cheers on this entry.


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