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She's Awake! 2013 felt like a breakthrough

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I did participate in NaNoWriMo this year. I did! Really! But because I was first in Montreal for the first 10 days of November and after that, busy trying to wrap my head around “Scrum,” I had listed 1) Organic Soil Course 2) Hybrid car research (goal here on 43T) 3) Make a Quilt 4) Christmas Market, so that meta-working meant I didn’t even get started on 5) Write until November 16th, and then I still failed miserably on pushing out 25,000 words as I was supposed to. And I didn’t research the hybrid car, and I didn’t get started on my quilt again until yesterday.

But in the month of November, I pushed out 11,000 words of creative writing (and more on the business end of things, too) and something magical happened. I uncorked myself. I realized that I have been waiting to become a writer. Let’s hope I don’t bury that person under another pile of rubbish again, anytime soon.


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