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How to be more confident (read all 2 entries…)
Confidence what is it?

I know I ought to be confident, For myself that is onething I struggle with on a day to day basis, I wonder does one ever really fit in, be confident all the time?

I was kid who always kept silent, never asked any questions, it took me 2 yrs in bible collage to even ask a question, when I,m behind a pulpit I start of unconfident, then when I get into it, confidence builds.

I think part of it, maybe its this way for others, is our self talk, we feel inadeque, like who would want to lisern to anything Id had to say?

I know people like me, care about me, what I struggle with is building solid relartionships, I find it easier doing task then interacting, when it comes to attending church, I blend in, but after the service I feel lost, id rather revert to doing a chore



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