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Major Depressive Disorder

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flowergirlresumed All there is, is now

Laughter and Sadness (read all 33 entries…)
Emotionally calmer at the moment

Acceptance of sorts of what’s to be seems to be the key… Not completely there, heart still wrestling with hope at times but feel/know that it is illusionary really… All will be well, it has to be :)


(This comment was deleted.)

flowergirlresumed All there is, is now

Thanks Julie

and extra big hugs back to you too…

The Warrior Queen & The Jellied Eel You'll never see the end of the road while you're travelling with me


All will be well, I really believe that.

In the meantime, sending love and hugs to surround and protect you.

flowergirlresumed All there is, is now

Thanks Missus

All will be as it will be and my tone is not one of resignation, honest. Thank you for your words and the love and hugs, muchly appreciated. :)

Kimber~ (>‿♥)

sending you...

plenty of supportive & encouraging warm hugs. hang in there. things will get better. xxx


flowergirlresumed All there is, is now

I'm a hanging

I appreciate your words and yes things will change, I will move forwards. Thank you x

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