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For better or worse, I do not let go.

Maybe it would be better if I did. But I never knew a bully who stopped bullying because he or she was ignored, especially when they are doing it in public and get public attention for it.

I have called the EEOC officer, because my boss ignored by calls and emails all day yesterday. I spoke to the university ombudsman, who was a nice guy, but can’t really make anything change. I emailed a former student, whom I rescued from this nasty, to ask that she fill our chair in on what the nasty did to her. At least I have friends.

I am so physically upset that it is unreal…my blood pressure has spiked out of control and my head is killing me. I had nightmares last night, and I can’t focus or attend to even conversation today. It sucks.

I did finally talk with my boss today. Fortunately, I did not cry, but I was very, um, directive, about needing to see this addressed promptly. I pointed out that he didn’t stop it last time one of these people harassed me, and I predicted it would escallate. Jeez. Every mother knows you can’t let this behavior go.

As a result, I have 30 papers to grade and I have to post grades on Monday morning, so you know what I will be doing this weekend.

I know it might not make sense that I’m so upset, but it’s the history of abuse. Having been abused (and had no one step up to protect me at age 6 or so), I am very aware of hostility and have a low tolerance for ever being abused again. So having to work with this going on is just maddening.

Also, of course, most of my colleagues will never say a thing about what happened in front of them yesterday. People don’t want to get involved. I learned that by age 15, when I started telling adults and they did nothing about the abuse.

Could you pray that this Chairman gets insight and realizes just a firm conversation about worksite behavior would be incredibly helpful? And that I can step away, step away, into the arms of God, who does love me in a powerful way. Remembering that protects me from my own reactions, you know?!


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