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build up savings

After paying off my loans, I wanted to set a goal for my savings (of which I had none). I basically followed the same process I used for paying off my loans but this time I was taking my monthly leftovers and keeping it.

1) Create a realistic budget for monthly spending

2) It helped me to open a separate bank account in order to really set my savings aside.

3) At the end of every month, I took any budget leftovers + my savings from my paycheck. I got paid only once a month, so I was careful not to drop all my cash toward a different savings account in case of some emergency.

4) Again, I would recommend mint.com or similar services for tracking purposes. Being aware of your overall status with graphs and budget overage alerts is helpful to make you work toward goals, be encouraged to keep at it, and even become competitive about where/how you can save money each month.



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