December Bootcamp 2011: Dream big, Live now (read all 21 entries…)
Day 22

I feel so out of touch. I have had internet only intermittently for 3 days now and my bootcamp goals have fallen by the wayside. My mother-in-law is staying with us, so I’m not playing guitar or writing (although I sat down and started on a song last night)and have done no exercise. I’ve also been drinking (a couple of glasses of wine the last 2 nights) and not had much water…sigh…on the upside, I discovered, looking through my computer files that I’ve in fact written 4 songs this month, not 3, so that’s a bonus!! I’ve done a lot of paper work for the house and today I have to apply for single parenting payment (not much fun). OK, I’ve still got 11 days to pull it back together – filling the water bottle and planning a walk RIGHT NOW.


Joe Mayer is depressed that the U.S. has set itself up to become a police state.

Right now is good!

It’s always good to jump right back in the saddle and get moving toward the goal again. Good luck for the next 11 days, and of course beyond!

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