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TM Rule #29 Plan Your Day/Know the best time to do what

If I have to take care of several things in one day, all of it’s on my to do list or calendar, but none of it is due at a particular time, I’ll take out a scrap piece of paper and right down at what time I’ll do what. Sometimes when you do this you can save yourself some time by doing them in logical order. For example if I have to go to the library and the grocery store on the same day, I’ll make sure I hit the grocery store first, Since the dry cleaners is near the library, I’ll run these two errands together.

And when I have a report that is due at the end of the month, when do I get started on the next months report-at the very beginning of the month, so I’m no rushed as the due date approaches. Once I had 9 articles due all within 3 days of one another. I staggered the completion of each of them and I worked on them all each day taking them as far as I could. Then the next day I’d pick up the threads again.



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