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Self employed,

I have setup multiple websites / business units, and have been working for myself for the last 9 months.

These are my businesses:
1. www.bluestormacademy.com – Life coaching and peak performance
2. www.freshzeal.com – Webdesign and promotion
3. www.yourrobotbutler.com – Online Personal Assistants, and Timemanagement coaching
4. www.zoneidentity.com – Domain broker (site not finished)

It is going well, and this year is all about focusing on ramping up sales and really scaling all these business units. :-)


we share the same goal :)

you and i shared the same goal setting.i have set a goal that i want to achieve financial freedom by december 2014. you have several online businesses you are currently running.

just a quick question: are you open to a new, fun and exciting business opportunity if it doesn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing right now?


I want to:
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