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Find a recipe for a food that meets the IOM's nutritional recommendations (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve always wanted a food that I could eat everyday without having to worry about whether I was getting enough of or too much of some particular nutrient. Through trial-and-error I’ve gotten there except for a few minor points that I’d like to straighten out. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) distinguishes between magnesium that is sourced from supplements and magnesium that comes from food. I haven’t yet analyzed my diet’s magnesium in detail yet. I also need to add the nutrient data for some of the ingredients I use to get more a more accurate picture of my intake. I also want to analyze water for mineral content. I’ll be finished when I am able to come up with a parameterized recipe that will allow me to change the amount of calories to suit my needs while guaranteeing that I remain within the IOM boundaries.



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