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How To Be A Good Listener

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How To Be A Good Listener

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Are You A Good Listener?

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Be A Better Listener

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How To Be A Good Listener

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AnRout Depi Madi is tuning her violin

be a better listener
Ways I'm attempting to be a better listener.

1. Eye contact! Looking a person in the eyes always helps with communication.
2. Wait 5 seconds before responding when someone is talking or asking a question.
3. Don’t interrupt.
4. When someone is venting, I will not try to relation. It will only put me in a bad mood. Being empathetic isn’t that important when someone just want to be angry and pissed off. They just want to let off steam, not be calmed or soothe.
5. Use visual things to make connections to important information someone is telling me.
6. Open ears, open heart, open mind, closed mouth!


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