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Grow my hair out
Semi long

My hair was very short, as is less than 2 cm. But homeboy and dad wanted me to grow it out and since I can’t afford haircuts and relying on my mum every time I’m home seems silly. My hair has always grown like weeds and it is already collarbone length with plenty of split ends cut off. I have thick hair, as in there is a lot of it. Hairdressers always tell me I will get curls if they do x to my hair as it is frizzed but 22 years and no curls. I no longer trust the pros and my mum is the only person who cuts my hair for now.

I want it to be long enough to braid on the side.


leave in conditioner

If you moisturize your hair with leave in conditioner, then add a little gel before it air dries you may get curls. I use a lot of VO5, which is high in emollients, has no silicone, and costs one dollar per bottle.

Also, look up Ouidad’s style of cutting. You can find her with a google search.


I want to:
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