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seeking~serenity WOW!!! GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING. FAST!!! :)

have a flat tummy (read all 2 entries…)
I have made progress, but

I am going to give up on this one to work more towards overall health, rather than targetting one specific area.


edina calm, alert, and focused

A clean diet and exercise for a long time will get you there. There will always be setbacks but if you stay on that track, you will achieve it. Make sure both your workouts and diet is effective—not just what you think is considered healthy or “a work out”

seeking~serenity WOW!!! GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING. FAST!!! :)

Thanks for commenting, I used to feel the same way

But a few years back I was working out heavily (jogging, Tae-Bo DVDs, Jillian Michael’s intense cardio-weight DVDs,yoga, kickboxing, and pilaties) 5 times a week.

I was kicking butt!

I ate a very healthy diet with proper portions, and when that didn’t work, I went vegetarian. All this went on for about three years. In which time I gained thirty pounds, and felt like hell.

My body needs something it isn’t getting, or doesn’t need something it is getting. A simple routine of diet and exercise hasn’t shown any results for me.

Yet, eating fast-food and not working out the past couple of months has shwon my weight and body fat percentage going down. =\ No idea why.

edina calm, alert, and focused

Blah, it sounds like you just need a longer more intense workout and a more strict diet.

And you might be inadvertently losing weight now because you are not eating enough overall calorie wise even if when you do it is heavy junk food.

I really hope you find the stimulus to start up again everyday and be committed to it when you decide to take the lifestyle plunge.

seeking~serenity WOW!!! GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING. FAST!!! :)

I think my biggest problems are gluten/wheat and dairy intake. I don’t think my body works well with these.

My next plunge will be a diet and workout regimen based on blood type, by Dr. Peter D’adamo, rather than a one-size-fits-all program:

http://www.diettv.com/diets/blood-type-o-diet :)

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