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1) Drop outgoing mail off at the Post Office. I know the post office will be closed, but at least it will all be there instead of on my desk. I have my desk almost clean . . . again!

2) Some grocery shopping, just the essentials. I will do big grocery shopping on Wednesday when it is “Senior Day” and I get 10% off.

3) Get my nails done. They still have candy canes painted on them . . . over it!!! Big surprise when I went there today. The shop I have been going to was sold within the past three weeks. Remodeled (much nicer) and the same services cost less now. NICE!!!

4) Work on my current mosaic project . . . The Starbucks Table

5) Look for a patio tree for the rear patio

6) Run Dishwasher

7) Go to Bank

8) Write report for RELS

I looked for a patio tree but no luck today. Will have to extend this project to another weekend. Failed to work on mosaic table . . . oops!


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