Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(

Have a one word resolution for 2012
One word!

Since December I have been thinking about my word for 2012. I thought it was “new”...but after doing some reflection and projection under this goal, I have found my word for 2012.

My word is…DYNAMIC!

After looking at its meaning, I feel as though it totally embodies all that I desire for 2012.

I was good with saying I want to have new experiences for 2012…but now….I desire so much more! I think new is just the basic. I want this year to be as though on fire! Everything that I want to accomplish, I want to accomplish it at the highest level. Not just new experiences and things…but life-changing things! Things/experiences that are going to just set the way for bigger and better things in 2013! I want 2012 to be my “WOW” year!

It’s going to be hard work but the pay off is worth it!

Dynamic! – active, aggressive, changing, compelling, energetic, influential, intense, domineering, animate, bouyant, effervescent, progressive, driving, assertive, awake, vital, spirited, happy, passionate!

And I’m not going to settle for less!



A cheer seems a bit mild for a post like that. There needs to be a “standing ovation” button!!!

Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(


thanks! :)

TangerineRose we can do anything!


I love this word too. Whenever I use it in life I feel empowered and uplifted. You will no doubt have an awesome year :)

Triniprincess ...having a Carnival tabanca! :(


I know right…it just felt right!

And you would have one too my dear! :)

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