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Baby it cold outside.....

We had group run tonight. It’s not a normal night for running. An arctic cold came through the area. At run time it was 9 deg F. I have run in temps this cold before, but it has been awhile. It is hard to stay warm when it’s this cold, but if you keep moving and you are dressed right, it can be done. After the first mile, I was warm and fine. For the rest of the run, I actually felt good and thought it was nice out.

And that is what I love; to get out there, when conditions are less than prime, and discover you can do it. It is not impossible. You just have to try.


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Bob1623 Be the Fountain, not the Drain.

That's good you got out

walking on a cold night can be tougher than running. It is harder to work enough to keep warm.

So now, getting out should be easier, right?

Keep at it!!!

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