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LoveAllTrustFew in the gutter but looking at the stars

In 2011, live like the person I've always wanted to be (read all 2 entries…)
Brief Summary

I think 2011 is the year I learned to ‘(wo)man up’ as my sister would say. I have never been naive about how difficult and down right miserable life can be at times but my approach to difficulty has been to avoid it. This year I have learned to suck things up and just do them. It likely will not turn out perfect or just the way I would like it but its infinitely better than doing nothing and there is always ways to improve.

In 2011:
-I moved out, into a city with roommates that are less than ideal and a neighbor who is an ass but I have a plan and I am moving forwards towards my own flat in a couple of years.
-I applied for school and was unable to attend the fall term because of a strike. Panicked, thought about all kinds of courses that where ill suited to me for January but eventually decided to wait and take the more appropriate course next fall. Even though it meant waiting and being that much older when I go back
-I have learned to make the best of my less than ideal retail job by approaching it with a cheerful (and occasionally self-deprecating) outlook.
By just biting the bullet and going ahead with things I feel like I have developed a plan in my life. A sense of direction gives me peace of mind to do the things I enjoy, art, hiking, volunteer work etc.


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