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dragonfly35 April is here!

Set daily priorities in advance (read all 9 entries…)
January 9-13

Overall, my priorities for next week are to re-establish routines in all areas: yoga teaching/ lesson planning, exercise, diet, household tasks, etc. Also course planning and committee work needs to become a priority. Finally, I’d like to work on some long-standing goals that have been stalled. Wedding planning is ongoing, of course.

Because my schedule is relatively open for next week (college is still on vacation), I don’t think I’ll set daily priorities, but rather will work on setting up my routines and balancing my activities each day as a priority.

Once my days are more scheduled and I have rhythms established, selecting daily priorities will become important. However, I was completely unable to work with the priorities I set this week because I was so out of my usual routines, so I’ll work on remedying that situation this week.


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