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A lot of cleaning and re arranging and re potting

today. Nothing earth shattering, but it gave me a chance to take inventory of what I have and what I might do with it . . . use it or toss it mostly.

I have a hummingbird feeder outside my office window which faces to the street; however, there is a hummingbird that is always in the back yard by the water fall at the fish pond. He/She drinks from the water fall, but I had yet to put up a himmingbird feeder near the pond.

Over Christmas, my friend Rob was given a hummingbird gift basket by one of his clients. It was a gift that was given to her and she regifted it to him and he regifted it to me. This is where it belonged!!! (at my house)

I opened it today. It is awesome. It has a hummingbird feeder, nectar, a hummingbird windchime, a hummingbird seed mix (seeds that you plant to attract hummingbirds) and a pretty nice book about hummingbirds in general. (Types of hummingbirds, how to attract them etc)

Come on little hummingbird . . . tell your friends about my backyard!!!


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