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Karashoo_Crazy Wolf Only the rain can wash away my pain, and thunder scares evil away

Become a vampire (read all 7 entries…)
A few Q's

First of all, what exactly IS a vampire? Please explain.
Second, do you have to be born a vampire or can you become one?
If you become a vampire, how so?
How do you know you are a vampire?
And last, though this probably won’t get an answer, where did vampires come from? For example, I think lycans came from the myth of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.
Just so ya know, I’m not some Twilight fan, I actually hate that movie. How did it freakin get published? And I’m not a lycan, well I might be, but so far I know I am a therian.


CelestialFlare Step out from the dark, bathe in the light

1. A vampire is a human who must feed off of others to live. They are overall better then humans and they also have many psychic and physical abilities.
2. You can be born one and you can becomr one either by another vampire turning you or by spell
3. Well if your born a vampire theres this period after puberty thats called an “awakening” where your vampire genes awaken and become active
4. Well many say that they are the sons and daughters of lylith, the original demon but no one knows for sure
5. I really dont why it got puished _ I ask this question myself….

Iris_Nightphilly And you shall see the infinite Wisdom of perfect love and trust

Idk if Lilith was a demon, but I know she was Adam’s first wife, before Eve, and is the first “Witch” or magickal being though not literally (I don’t think any of the bible should be taken literally).

CelestialFlare Step out from the dark, bathe in the light

the weird thing is, is that in another holy book (i think its the torah) lilith’s name appears so it does bring up suspicions. I believe that the prophets who wrote the bible knew about the magickal enitities but they didnt write it because it’s a supposed “sin” to believe in it

Iris_Nightphilly And you shall see the infinite Wisdom of perfect love and trust

Actually in the story about King Solomon, the king sees a fortune teller regarding his empire and the bible never said anything bad about it; they almost condoned it and fortune telling is considered a sin as well. The bible talks a lot about witchcraft by multiple prophets. The real reason why churches don’t allow witchcraft is because during the rise of the Christian/catholic faith most people were pagans and believed in multiple gods and goddesses so the church strategized and demonized their deities, beliefs, and practices to frighten people into joining the church in order to gain power and money.

(This comment was deleted.)

Karashoo_Crazy Wolf Only the rain can wash away my pain, and thunder scares evil away

Maybe that’s why I like vampires! lol I love Germany :D

Iris_Nightphilly And you shall see the infinite Wisdom of perfect love and trust

The mythological answer is that if a witch was not burried at a cross roads with a stake in her heart she would rise and feed off of the blood of the living (blood being a symbol of life, the fluid that gives life to the undead). The classic vampires we know today come from the book “Dracula” and are fed by the accounts of digging up corpses to find their hair and nails had grown (a plausible sign that they were still alive back then) and the fact that they found blood dripping from their mouths.

Vampirism in the blood sucking sense is plausible for those who are anemic (low blood cell count, low oxygen in the blood cells, or low iron in the blood) which leads to the lowering of body temperature (which is actually proven to be a way to extend one’s life) and poor circulation which leaves the skin pale and can easily be sunburned. An effective way to fight anemia would be to consume blood or organs such as the heart and liver. I should know since I’m anemic and sometimes have cravings for red meat ^^

There is also Energy Vanpirism, which is when a person is basically anemic in the energy sense and feeds off the energy of others. They often don’t realize that they are one, but are quite common. A study was done where they took a photo of a person’s aura before a feeding, it was big and bright with many colors, and afterwards, it had shrunk and was mostly dark blue. What was fascinating was that you could actually see where the energy vampire had punctured the aura! Hopes this helps as well as the info others give you :)

Karashoo_Crazy Wolf Only the rain can wash away my pain, and thunder scares evil away

Yes, thanks. I have heard of energy vampires before. And I really like how you explained the whole vampire thing, the science of how they live long and ned blood. That’s really cool.

Lord Bearclaw Belief does not equal reality.

That's not science, that's imagination.

Energy, or psi (psionic) vampires are not real.

The term “psychic” or “energy vampire” simply means a person whose behavior is mentally tiring to others around them. It does not imply that a person can deliberately drain energy from another person to “resupply” their own.

Any scientist will tell you that there is no way one human body can leech energy from another over any distance. Even static electricity can only jump a distance of millimeters between bodies.

There are no real “psychic vampires”. It is nothing more than a self-induced, self-perpetuating delusion, and is classified as a delusion of grandeur, with overtones of the victim or martyr.

“Psychic vampires” cannot drain anyone of anything – it is a autonomic response triggered by a biofeedback mechanism. They truly believe that they can do this, and believe it so strongly, that their bodies release a wave of adrenaline and endorphins, resulting in the “feel good high” they claim to feel, and the adrenaline boost is responsible for the physical “augmentation” of strength and speed some report.
As with any high, they eventually come down, resulting in a period of feeling tired, sluggish, etc. until the next time they “feed” – which is a delusion, but their bodies release the endorphins anyway.

Not understanding the actual way their bodies work, these people rationalize that they are therefore “psychic vampires” in order to feed their egos and bolster their sense of confidence and self-worth. They claim this “awakening” happens during puberty, and that they spontaneously develop a “lack of energy”. Funny how that coincides with teen angst, rebellion, searching for self, etc. and all the phases of the developing Id and Ego.

As for their “donors”, once again the response these people report to a “feeding” is in line with a sympathetic response brought on by their delusion that they have been “fed upon”. A good analogy here is how some husbands report sympathetic labor pains when their wife is about to deliver. It is real to them, but the source is in their own bodies – not because they are empathetically “transferring” some of their wife’s pain to themselves.

I encountered a self-professed “psychic vampire” in the hospital during my clinicals. He had wrecked an ATV, and his leg was broken in multiple places. He claimed he was “taking energy” from everyone around him in order to heal faster, and that when I got home I would probably be “really tired”. I went home after eight hours, went out and did 7 miles on my kayak, and bicycled 6. Slept normally, and woke up well rested. As for him, he attempted soon thereafter to get up and go to the restroom by himself because he was “healed” well enough. The idiot rebroke his femur as soon as he put weight on it. He eventually did make it home, but friends of mine on that floor said it took him longer to heal than normal.

The human body only generates three quantifiable forms of energy:

1. Neurological (electrical brain and nerve signals) which travels along nervous pathways insulated in deep tissue. If this is the energy “psi” vamps claim to use, then their “victims” would collapse in a manner similiar to a neurological stroke as the electrical pulses were drained. In all likelihood they would die, because these signals also control autonomic responses such as the breathing reflex and your heartbeat. If this is the energy they claim to need, why not just carry around a few D-cell batteries? Which wouldn’t work anyway – the body is not a battery that stores electrical energy in that sense.

2. Electromagnetic, generated in tandem with your neurological output. Every living thing has an EM field. The idea that you could “drain” or feed from it is ridiculous. All EM fields are in constant flux. So-called “psi” vampires point to Kirlian photography, which is EM sensitive, as proof that draining can occur. All EM fields interact and are in constant change. Regardless of what anyone tells you, Kirlian cannot provide scientific, empirical data. If this is the energy they need, it would be easier to carry around several magnets, as their fields will overlap yours and strengthen it.

3. Caloric, or heat energy. If this energy is what the vampires need, then a draining would leave you cold and shivering, and probably hypothermic and hypoglycemic. If this is the energy they need, it would be much simpler to eat a sandwich and put on a sweater.

Iris_Nightphilly And you shall see the infinite Wisdom of perfect love and trust

Lol, the whole anemia thing is just a plausible theory. Energy Vampires are very real, and of course there are people who have psychologically convinced themselves that they need blood to survive. This could be interpreted as M-shifting :)

CelestialFlare Step out from the dark, bathe in the light

theres also hybrids am i correct?

Iris_Nightphilly And you shall see the infinite Wisdom of perfect love and trust

What do you mean by hybrid?


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