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Lion Heart "I bet you're gonna have a really great year!"

I want to be abundant & feel abundant through & through! (read all 32 entries…)
Wow - wellbeing abounds!

All the fresh air we breathe in and out. The flow of oxygen is ever present.
The water we drink – rain, shower, ice, the water in our beverages – wow! It just flows from the tap conveniently, endlessly
The food! I love the abundance of food in my life! The spices & fruit in my house. The food at the restaurant I work at. Whole foods & the awesome organic store in our city. THe places I eat at. Great food always there for me – convenient, delicious & an avenue to friendship. I love how food is an opportunity to feel good. So much to appreciate about it. Where it came from, the many ways it can be prepared – so much creativity flowing!
Warmth everywhere – my gorgeous winter coat, my awesome socks & blundstone boots. My cozy room. The hot water in the sink. Bubble baths. The warmth & fuzziness in my heart
Touch! It’s beautiful. Loving touch when I massage my own hands. I give the best massages. I love to give hugs. I love to be sensual
Friendship is everwhere! At both my jobs I have beautiful quality connections! at the restaurant I make new friends every day! I feel so connected to my city. In my neighborhood I walk around and meet so many amazing people. Friendship is everywhere. Love is everwhere. The hugs at work. The expansion of my relationship with S. Feeling my heart open to the love around me…
Creativity flows endlessly. I look around – even just in my room! I look at the games I have and think wow – that was an idea before it became a board game in a store! There’s my guitar- someone designed that. The boxing calendar that came together out of an idea. The artwork on my walls that so beautifully represents me! The lifelike stuffed lion I have – wow! The amazing ideas that flow through me.

Even money! I appreciate the $100note on my wall & how fun it is to see it there. I love to picture a wall full on $100 notes. Gorgeous, fun, abundant. I appreciate the money in my life! I go on vacations! I take weeks off when i want to. I go to NYC. I am flying now! I am going to the I.c.e H.otel in a month! I love that I’ve bought my flights! I appreciate my iPhone 4 – it’s convenience abundance – camera, phone calls, email & iCal & it’s potential. Money and how I pay my rent, buy my subway pass, I love the new clothes in my life & how they are feeling comfortable. I love the outfit that the seamstress made for me. I love my art supplies. Money & how good it is to ge paychecks. I like to feel valued in that way! I like to feel free. I love going out to eat. I love to buy fun gifts! I love taking USD on holiday!I love how comfortabel I am with using my debit card! i am even building my credit now!!! Wow!!!I love feeling my expansion! I appreciate all the classes I can take. Wow!!! I love knowing that more is coming always.

Woudn’t it be nice to always have thousands of money in my account! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large house! I love the idea of freedom. Freedom to travel! Freedome to set up a comfortable home base! I’d love to raise my child in financial abundance & a fun feeling of abundance. Wow! I love affluence. Me, wealthy. That is want I want. It’s part of my wellbeing! Wouldn’t it be fun to learn new things!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to spend 6 mths in NYC!!! playing, studying & living abundantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m just gonna relax and enjoy the unfolding :):):)


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