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Joyfully Become a Healthy Eater (read all 38 entries…)
No, really, seriously...

I want to eat healthy again because I always seem happier when I eat healthy, exercise, and get sleep. What better time to reset my palate and body than the new year?

I watched an episode of Dr. Oz with Alton Brown. I love how Alton Brown lost all his excess weight, especially since he, like me, loves food. I suck at diets, so I avoid them. I always try to add good nutritional food and avoid bad stuff, which is usually easy when I remember. Anyway, I liked how Alton simplified his nutritional plan and emphasized that he likes to eat food that tastes good. Yum! I love veggies, so I think I will try to put his plan into action.

He has four lists that seem simple enough. Let me see how it works… I’ll try to incorporate daily eats first and phase in the others.

1. Daily Eats: Fruits, Whole Grains, Leafy Greens, Nuts, Carrots, and Green Tea.

2. Foods To Eat 3 Times A Week: Oily Fish, Yogurt, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, and Avocado.

3. Foods To Eat 1 Time A Week: Red Meat, Dessert, Pasta and Alcohol

4. Zero Times A Week: Fast Food, Soda, Processed Meals, Canned Soups and “Diet” Anything



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