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AmyBK8899 is working on a master plan.

lose weight until I reach my goal weight and look as sexy as I know I am (read all 33 entries…)
almost no progress

I’m at 167. :(


don't worry

It’ll happen for you. I’m gettind drastic and hope to get started on that this weekend (getting home at 6:30 doesn’t leave a lot of energy for working out). We can do it!

Waterfall Nymph Making plans - cracking skulls.

I’m going to cut off an arm.

I don't think that'll help.

I’ve heard of people picking things up with their feet.

Waterfall Nymph Making plans - cracking skulls.

I just meant that would lead to some weight loss. I mean, you could just put your face directly on the food too. Pudding, for example.



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I want to:
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