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Shopping Spree

My daughters came home for Christmas and helped me go through my entire closet. We don’t have cable, so I’ve only seen the show “What Not to Wear” once, but I felt a little like I was ON it, trying on and then tossing so many of my clothes.

Actually, I had been considering overhauling (or is it UNDERhauling?) my wardrobe for quite some time, but they gave me the courage to part with things I thought looked good, that maybe didn’t, or were maybe outdated.

Their Christmas gift to me was to take me out and help me choose a couple of cute outfits to wear when I go somewhere besides WalMart or the Indian Reservation. (not that I wouldn’t wear my nice clothes to walmart ;] I have, in fact, but I get looks.)

The new clothes they got me are wonderful and I am enjoying the feeling that I look better than I did before, but the really great thing about the whole gift was the bravery they gave me to get rid of two large black bags full of my old clothes!!!

Now that’s a lot of good stuff going out to Goodwill!


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Who pays the credit card?

I love that show and wouldn’t be surprised to be ambushed by my friends and family. I have a terrible wardrobe. I’ve always wondered if the $5000 credit card is actually paid for by the show.

It feels great to get rid of stuff that is unneeded.

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