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PepperyJasmine is enjoying my dog and my fiance. and looking for a job.

have a regular sleep schedule (read all 16 entries…)
well I went to sleep at 9 last night and woke up at 6

that is pretty much my ideal sleep schedule. 9 hours ish, and getting up early going to sleep early. i feel rested and i want to make that my regular schedule. i think i will be mentally more clear and get more done, and definitely my mind will be better. More functional. When I have an erratic sleep schedule, sometimes staying up late for parties or whatever, I notice that I tend to have erratic thoughts, being paranoid or having psychoses so it is much better to just have a regular sleep schedule then I just feel completely normal and can relate to people in a completely normal way. The frustrating thing is when other people don’t understand. Lots of people I know like to socialize in the evenings and late at night. Which makes sense because they work during the day… It’s kind of sad actually. I could try and change my hours to 10 to 7 or something but I really feel better getting to sleep earlier. As you start staying up later… then people start drinking, and I don’t like to drink either as that also makes my bipolar worse. So the 9 to 6 routine is best for me, it also avoids the drinking scene. And I can socialize with people during the day hopefully or on the weekends. And at dance class and during yoga class… I see people even if we don’t get much of a chance to talk.

I think there is a guy who goes to yoga who doesn’t work… Maybe he would like to go for a walk with me sometime…


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