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Erin Cavanaugh is getting there!

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Om...15 minutes is a challenge!

So I’ve been doing the 21 Yoga Journal Challenge so far and have started a 15 meditation practice. So far I’ve gone about 10 days. I listened to 2 guided meditations and on the rest of the days just tried keeping my mind focued on the breath. I’m having a really hard time with this goal, but am hoping to keep it up. It’s not so much the 15 of time, that goes by fast; It’s the thoughts swirling around so much, the sounds I hear, and the physical pain I start feeling after sitting. I get so distracted! I’ll keep it up though, I enjoy it. It makes me really take notice of the present.


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For me

Even 5 or 10 minutes is a real challenge, you are not alone!

Erin Cavanaugh is getting there!


I think in the long run it will really be beneficial! I read your entries about meditation. I think longer time for less days a week is a good approach you have. I may have to try that once I finish my 21 Day Challenge if I don’t keep the 15 minutes up everyday.

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