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The Four Agreements - Ruiz

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Sands66 hoping for more cheers and for more people to share my goals

Practice the Four Agreements: Be impeccable with my word/ Don't take anything personally/ Don't make assumptions/ Always do my best (read all 3 entries…)
Reality sets in

It’s kind of impossible to not take ANYTHING personally. If someone broke into your home while you were sleeping and beat you to a pulp with a baseball bat for kicks and you had two broken arms and fewer teeth, wouldn’t you take that personally? If you wouldn’t, then you must be a living saint! Not that that happened to me but something did happen over the Christmas holidays which showed me that those closest to you always have the power to make you take something at least a little personally. So, I will modify the goal for myself to ” Don’t take most things personally”, rather than ” Don’t take anything personally.” After all, anger is biblical, so that solidifies it all for me.


Beginnings Here Finding Me in ease in 2014

as you know

the act wasn’t about you.

it was about them.

their needs.

their wants.

their attention.

you were just in the path of those and placed conveniently for the act.

you need not take it personally.

it isn’t about you

Sands66 hoping for more cheers and for more people to share my goals

Thanks for the insight and reassurance. It is appreciated.

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