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Learning To Take Criticism

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Handling Criticism

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How To Accept Criticism

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runwim boxlessness

learn to take criticism
I have

added this goal when I got criticism on one of my comments on 43T and saw how bad I was taking it. My outward response was a (well accepted) apology but inside I was defensive, upset, thought of leaving the site, etc. As if the world would end, or I would attract eternal anger, when I do something that’s not right (or liked).
And that’s a mechanism inside of me that most of the time makes me avoid (the possibility of) confrontation. NAH! Missed opportunities, that’s the result. Better learn that action is the way to go – and if someone doesn’t like what I do realize that that is not the end of the world.


joyjoei “I make myself rich by making my wants few.”

If you leave this site,

do you have any idea how many girls are going to miss you? Myself included. So, don’t ever think about it!

runwim boxlessness


blush, fly, twinkle-eye :-)

No idea how many, honestly. And I’d miss everyone too! See how much I need to learn to take criticism rather than escape criticism?

Aloha50 I trust the universe!

A lesson is in everything

and hopefully learn from it. I always say “I know there is a lesson in this, but God please let me learn it fast!”

So reflect and then sail your ship into calm waters, because another wave will be sure to hit, and more lessons to be learned.

Right now I’m dealing with being a pushover, feeling like I’m unapreciated because I am so darn reliable. I am trying to squish the anger, and figure out the lesson without shutting down and replacing kindness with a big fat “no”.

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