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Epic Sunshine Bleak Mid-Winter, Holst, followed by Appalachian SPRING, Copland.

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A four foot by six foot slab of quarter inch masonite

has been gracing muh life, stored, neglected. Several months ago I mentioned I had an idea of putting a big zipper into a blank wall, as art, interest, etc. Just for the fun of it, and muh best friend in the whole world said “Ooooo We can do that! And more too!”

So we started priming the masonite last night, the way she does, and the way I am learning to do. There’s a big bag of suff too. All kinds, shapes, colours, sizes. And we have conversations like “How about all lined up, like a bar code?” and “What about groups of them, in horizontal, winging configuartions?”

The masonite turns to me now and rubbbbbbs me gently with affection, like a cat wanting something, but bigger. I say I know, I love her too.


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