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Anxiety Diary

My MD suggested I do this Anxiety Diary for when I am anxious “for no reason”

1. What is the level of anxiety 0-10 7
2. What are you thinking
Item A: I feel bad that I cancelled an appointment at the last minute and the person had already driven in the rain 30 minutes to meet me but by the time I had called her back to make it right, she had already turned around on the freeway and was driving back home. I could tell she was irritated and I know it was an irresponsible thing for me to do. In mitigation, she does get paid whether she meets me and does the work or not.
Item B: I am bored with the subject she is teaching me and I am wanting to not do it anymore, but I have invested 10 years in it and it seems a shame to give up. However this situation is maybe kind of like a relationship gone bad ,where it may be better in the long run to end it than hold onto memories of what it once was.
ITEM C – Maybe this is my payback for denying people benso’s for their anxiety – here’s how it feels – bad
3. Intervention
writing about it
going to exercise in about 2 hours
cleaning and organizing / paying bills

4. How do I feel after intervention

After workout out 1h hard, 1h light, 1h med I got my mind off it. Then I talked with spouse about my feelings. I apologized to the person who I offended. I am feeling better and ready for bed. The exercise helped a lot.


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