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Kiwa I got a place where all my dreams are dead.

become a werewolf (read all 3 entries…)

Alright, so we just beat SOPA and PIPA, and now guess the hell what?

Some other shit called ACTA is coming! Yay, great!

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (or ACTA) is basically something against piracy. Basically. But guess what comes with this? Internet censorship, oh I love this.

What is this actually about is in short, me not being able to download ANY KIND OF SHIT from the internet. Like, if I go to a doughnut recipee, find it nice and copy-paste it over to someone else, my e-mail account can be taken down, they can cut off my internet and I can even get sued. Indeed people, I’m not allowed to copy text either. Because I’m piracing! Woohoo!

Acta was passed down in secret (wonder why) at some shit convention at Tokyo. Surprisingly, the countries who actually do big-time piracy didn’t even sign it, those being China, Russia, or South America.

It was passed down in Romania (FML!), USA (What the fuck), Australia (T_T), Canada (????), Japan (if you’re trying to censor internet in the Ja-fucking-pan, you must be dumb), South Coreea, Maroc, New Zeeland and Singapore.

For Europeans, this ACTA shit will soon visit Bruxelles. If it’s passed down in the European Union, it will affect all countries in EU, which is biiiig time shit.

Anyhow, people are already taking action. Anonymous has threathened to attack some Government data bases, and Polish people are already starting to riot.

What you could do is spread the word. Copy this entry, make a new one, whatever. Change your account picture, idk, just do something. Protest if you don’t like it. Get informed, read/watch the links I put there. We are NOT going to let the governments kill the internet, fuck no. Fine whatever, piracy and shit, but as long as you’re taking 80% of my freedom, bitch please.

Get pissed off. Not pissed on.

Read ACTA here

Anonymous on ACTA

Anonymous Romania and Romanian riots


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