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my father-in-law came over last night

We had dinner all together first, and then he pulled out his computer to show me different platforms. He stayed until 10:30, and poor J crashed around 9:30. This morning J asked me how it went, and the first word that came to mind was “scattered.” Which led me to say how much I just appreciated having something to talk with his dad about for so long. To find a common interest. To learn more about him through the context of his trying to teach me options.

And J just laughed and told me a story of how high school chemistry had been hard for him, and how he had asked his dad to explain something to him (his dad’s a chemist), but that it was frustrating for him because his dad couldn’t just simply explain it.

J and I talked about how his dad is so present-minded, his thoughts are really whatever they are about in the moment, which was evident in his explaining options to me. Instead of just starting at the beginning with the basics, he launched into far more complex strategies that he’s employed to talk about how combinations of calls and puts can have more reliable results… I learned that he’s not all that successful at just calls or just puts, so I can understand why he may have made the leap to the more complex stuff. I had no problem listening to him, to see where he was going with any of his ‘presentations’ but I did clarify at points, that I was still having trouble with the fundamentals.

And it made me realize (and J made the a similar point in how he developed in his own learning) that sometimes you just have to know how to teach yourself things. I mean, I love that my father-in-law wants to teach me, and I’ll still take up any offer for us to learn together, but I think if I’m looking for the basics, I may really just have to learn that part on my own.

The result I’m most excited about though is just building my relationship with my father-in-law and that it spurred such interesting (and DEEP) conversation with J. I LIVE for conversations like that with J, which is important because the last few weeks with me traveling so much and being sick anytime I’m “home” and J being stressed with his last month of floor medicine, we’ve lost fuel for rich conversation. So though I still don’t feel like I have a firm grasp on anything options, the time spent was very worthwhile. Now I just need to read through the Motley Fool documents I downloaded a few weeks ago and the 166-page Options Disclosure Document E-Trade made me say I read and understood in order to upgrade my account…



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