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Forester321 “Generosity overpowers greed.” ― Bryce Courtenay

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This week, I booked flights for another cycle touring trip. Like the trip last year, it is about 400 miles, all self contained (clothes, tent, sleeping bag, tools) on the bike. My plan is to ride from Vancouver BC to Astoria, OR in mid-June.


SoMuchTimeSoLilToDo ♫ ♪ GONNA FLY NOW ♫ ♪

Sounds fun

I thought about doing this in the future… is it fun? Is it expensive, or complicated to start?

Forester321 “Generosity overpowers greed.” ― Bryce Courtenay

It is fun...

...and you can get into it a bit at a time.

Cycle touring is a great way to see a place because you aren’t going through it at 65mph. You meet people and see things you would otherwise miss.

Logistically it can be challenging. Where will you stay? What do you need? How do you get your bike there or yourself back to your car? BUT, it is all pretty do-able with a bit of thought.

I started out on trips in which someone carries your luggage for you for a fee. There are also group rides, that you pay a fee and ride with a bunch of people and all your gear is transported for you. I’ve not done one of these but Bob1623 does one annually in N.Y. and said he likes it.

My first self contained trip, I had a trunk rack on the back of my bike, a day pack on my back and stayed in a combination of places (cyclists’ bunkhouse, hostel and motels). Now I have all the gear but slowly accumulated it over several years.

Here is a good website but these are people who have all the gear,etc. You can start out small:


SoMuchTimeSoLilToDo ♫ ♪ GONNA FLY NOW ♫ ♪


Thanks for the information. I hope I can try it in the near future. :]

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