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Soap Rebatched

I brought a bar of my soap to my neighbor to sample. She said it smelled like “I dunno… kinda like bacon?”

So I knew the lard smell wasn’t dissipating much after all.

I lucked out though, because a friend was heading to Central Market, which is the fancy store around here where they sell many specialty things not available elsewhere. I bought some fragrance oil (berry scent) and some calendula petals.

I grated all the soap I’d made, and put it all into the crock pot to re-melt. I ground up the calendula petals in my coffee grinder, and added those to the melted soap along with the fragrance oil. Then I poured everything out into a 9”x13” baking dish I’d lined with parchment, and let it cool. Today I unmolded it, and cut it into bars.

I shared some of my newly rebatched soap, and got good reviews! Everyone seems to like the scent. It’s light enough not to be cloying, but it’s sweet enough to cover the other boring smells of the soap.

I got a good 16 bars out of this adventure. It’s vitamin E enriched, full of lovely ingredients, and the only thing I’m clueless about is the fragrance. I hope there is little enough of that to make any difference. (1/3 oz total for the batch)

The soap seems to be doing its job. It washes well, and feels and smells nice. I’m proud now to share it with friends.


Collectorofcats If you try being original, you can bet on being copied.

It could be

you’re on to something. Maybe it would have smelled like lard no matter how many times you made it until you added the scented oil. It was never a failure after all.

Sandy Gabrielli wake up sleepyhead

bacon is quite popular

You could wrap it in bacon paper. or maybe a strip of bacon like a musubi.

Bacon Soap!

For when simply eating bacon just isn’t enough bacony goodness in your life!

I thought I was joking when I asked Bing Images for “bacon soap”. Boy was I surprised! It’s everywhere!

DocD "Come in outta the rain to hear the jazz go down."

It's everywhere?

Well, it ain’t here. Where can I get some?



“Lemongrass & Mint” bacon? Shouldn’t this be maple syrup or hickory smoke scented or something like that?

You're RIGHT.

Who’s going to want to eat you with eggs and toast if you smell all foo-foo like that?

DocD "Come in outta the rain to hear the jazz go down."

Bacon on Musubi?

Spam is weird enough. While living in Hawaii, I never saw bacon musubi. Is that real? Half of me wants to scream, “THAT’S AN ABOMINATION!”, and the other half is saying, “Hmm, I wonder….” I could never even get used to loco moko or Genki Sushi’s weird concoctions. I guess, living in Japan for so many years has made me, as far as sushi and musubi are concerned, a purest.

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