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Katrina Tree Hugging, Traveling, Builder

Attend a Swing Exchange out of state
Camp Jitterbug

I haven’t been on the site in a while apparently and just realized that I did complete this goal a few months ago. While living in Portland, I attended Camp Jitterbug in Seattle, WA over memorial day weekend.

It was amazing! I am planning on making a point to for sure attend it again this year. I personally love dancing with dancers from other places, and when you attend dance events everyone is so much more friendly and the chemistry of everything and how it works together is so full of energy, excitement, learning, and of course more dancing than you can get anywhere else.

One of my favorite things is that the learning curve is incredibly steep! You can actually start from not knowing a thing about the particular dance to being able to show up many of your friends at home who have been dancing for months.

I have also attended a Blues Recess Event, which happened to be my first time in the Blues world and have many more plans to attend events this year!

Many of the friends I made, I am so grateful for and I must admit that dancers overall are the most amazing people! :D


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