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Become a Neat Freak, cut the Crap - in more ways than one

This epic undertaking has been thrown a furry curve in recent weeks as I have been dealing with a seasonal mouse problem.
This nothing new, the house is old. There is, no doubt, one main way for them to come in and warm up and …stay.
As an animal lover, I have qualms about dispatching God’s Little Friends. But God never had them in His silverware drawer, bare footed, huffing on the spoons and chewing His good spatulas. They have chewed candles (both beeswax and birthday) and garbage bags(?!) in one drawer and slept on cloth grocery bags in another. I carelessly left butter, wrapped in plastic, out one night. Next morning. I saw a small chewed spot and a little divot where a tongue had lapped up as much as possible. I hope the gallbladder pains were epic.
Any ‘natural’ attempt to shoo them away has been a dud. ‘Mice hate the smell of vinegar. Mice hate the smell of bay leaves’ No… no they don’t.
The latest stunt has been the plundering of my soap. Yep. Soap. Gnaw marks excoriate my Lever 2000 morning and night. The soap scent is quite sweet – how that translates as a taste will remain a mystery!
This last may make traps and warfarin seeds redundant. Repeated mouth and tummy-fulls of soap cannot make for a happy ending. Then I shall have my own CSI episode : ‘The Corpse that Lathered’


A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

I had one in my house

and it ate my silpat.

Lagniappe What light through yonder window


Oh good grief! That’s one tough mouse. I have put the soap into a container. I heard some very aggrieved gnawing last night – but it’s safe

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

The mouse also left

droppings in a nest of cupcake-liners. Mice know how to break hearts.

Lagniappe What light through yonder window


there anything worse than a mouse who will defile baking utensils?!

A Staggering Rat of Heartbreaking Something or Other "I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner..."

I can think of two things:

1. A mouse who thwarts the baking of cupcakes.

2. A mouse who can paint better than I.

(I have run into the first one and live in fear of the second.)

Epic Sunshine Bleak Mid-Winter, Holst, followed by Appalachian SPRING, Copland.

Ah, they are cozy it seems, and therefore

breeding. I object to “I hope the gall bladder pains were epic” of course. That’s making it personal. So too “epic undertaking” which means one thing but implies another, something post mortem, a foamy CSI, yes.

I’ve a round or two with mice in houses both old and new. Like you I did not want to kill. But I found the little tykes will procreate, AND invite friends. They become bold and scurry about under and around you, and take to sampling more and more of your belongings. And they will build nest in inaccessible places and offer you their small sounds, chuckling over your facial expressions.

I am afraid you will have to reconsider the no-kill policy, as I eventually did. Glue traps with peanutbutter were best by far and away. (Mice have regular thoroughfares.) And a warning: It’s not light hearted as your approach has so far been. Most traps do not kill. They maim. And I had to, out of mercy, finish the job. But I abhored the notion of epic infestation more.

Lagniappe What light through yonder window

Death or Destruction

I’m afraid you are quite right. I shall have to come down on them like a Mayan Calendar prophesy. They are taking liberties with an expensive rug

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