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Foot Doctor

Every six to eight weeks, Grandma goes to the foot doctor to get her toenails trimmed and feet examined. She has bad bunions and her toes curl in odd ways. I wonder how much of that was caused by wearing too small dress shoes for all the years when she was working. Grandma is unable to walk without shoes on her feet because she says it’s too painful.

Because my mom is still on restrictions due to her eye problem, I went with her and Grandma to the foot doctor this week. (Mom can’t lift anything, so I was needed to lift the wheelchair in and out of the vehicle.) As we got to the doctor’s office, Grandma and Mom wanted me to assist Grandma out of the SUV the way that Mom does. Mom kneels on the driver’s seat and lifts Grandma from behind to get her to her feet, then crawls through the vehicle behind her. That’s not going to work for me, so I asked if we could try it a different way. Grandma is not big on change, and I could tell she wasn’t keen on the idea, but she finally agreed to it. I stood in front of her and using both hands on her hips, I assisted her to stand that way. It worked much better than how Mom does it, and she commented as such. It was slightly more awkward then moving to the wheelchair because of how Grandma moves 270 degrees to sit instead of rotating just 90 degrees, but we managed. Mom wouldn’t be able to do it this way though because she just doesn’t have the height.


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