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Century: one hundred years of human progress, regression, suffering, and hope
By Bruce Bernard – Phaidon

M. picked this one up earlier in the week. 1236 pages, 100 years of chronological photos and accompanying commentary. Beautiful, intriguing, disturbing, haunting, impressive.

“CENTURY is an award-winning history of the twentieth century told in photographs: the First World War, the virgin flight of the Wright brothers, the rise of unspeakable political regimes, the antics of Buster Keaton, the odyssey into outer space and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Accompanied by extended historical background information for every scene depicted, CENTURY is as much a historical education as an enlightening visual display of familiar and unknown times. Now available in a new edition: small enough to be held in the palm of one hand, it has been extended to accommodate events up to and including September 11.”



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